Comedy Central’s Mash Up

In 2010, Comedy Central aired a one-hour special called Mash Up that showcased a bunch of great comedians doing their standup routines, which were then visualized into hilarious skits. Comedy Central later picked the show up for eight episodes which aired in 2012. I worked on all of it.

Client: Comedy Central

Here’s the main logo. A lot of the look of the show is influenced by old video games. We went back to the good ol’ days of the Super Nintendo to get a feel for this one.

Mash Up Logo

Here are a bunch of stills from the show. From top left to bottom right: (1) I did the graphics and managed live transitions of the screen onstage at the live tapings; (2-4) I created graphics for some props and skits, including this ‘Shop Til You Cook’ board game, from one of Jared Logan’s bits; (5-6) I created graphics akin to a character select screen from a fighting game. These were used to introduce each new comedian.

Mash Up Stills

And here’s a flyer I made to try and get people to come to the live taping of the original special. I think it worked.

Mash Up Poster