That's Me

Photo by Jacob Moreland

Hi. I’m Jonathan Wilcox. I enjoy drawing and designing. I like to work with cool people to make great things. While I’m into all sorts of creative endeavors, drawing is my favorite thing to do. I try and incorporate drawing into my design work whenever I can.

I attended Columbia College Chicago where I majored in illustration and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I currently live in Washington, DC with my wife and our cat. I am Creative Director at Beekeeper Group and am not currently taking on freelance work.

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Miscellaneous trivia (in no particular order):

  • Friend of cats
  • Self-appointed member of the Clean Plate Club
  • Bonafide Kentucky Colonel (That’s Colonel Wilcox to you)
  • Established a popular blog before ‘blogging’ was a thing (Wankercounty c. 1999)
  • Once met John Travolta signing copies of Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth at a Borders