The Kings of Summer is a feature film from CBS films about three kids who run away to the woods to build their own independent life. I did a bunch of work on this film including concepting, storyboards, web graphics, alt posters, and props and designs used in the film itself.
Early concept art

Official alt posters for the film. The first one was screen printed in a special promotional set with posters from other awesome artists. I still have some of these available in my shop! The second is based on the art I created for the map (see below) and also used in the credit sequence at the end of the film.

I worked with the director and art department to come up with the look of the house that the kids create. The final house in the film is pretty close to this design!

Storyboards for a scene that didn't make the cut where Patrick battles a pixelated Blanka in the woods.

A collection of stills from the movie showing instances of things I created. The drawings used as set dressing in Joe's room were my actual high school drawings. Whoa.
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